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  • Pablo Capeluto

    Pablo Capeluto - 2010-08-24

    La licencia con la que esá el proyecto es GPLv3 pero sabiendo como es Apple con sus derechos quiero preguntar si es legal el uso de los íconos y gráficos de Mac de manera pública…

    The license with the project that is GPLv3, but Apple knowing how their rights is like asking whether it is legal to use Mac icons and graphics publicly …

  • Jan Komadowski

    Jan Komadowski - 2010-08-24

    Only the Macbuntu script is GPLv3 licensed. All attached resources, have their own licenses.
    For example, Macbuntu theme is instance of GTK Leopard which is GPL licensed, and in the same way is delivered in the Macbuntu package.
    There is no possibility to change their rights and I have no intention to change this.
    I will add soon additional information concerning the rights of the individual components.

    If you have any suggestions, how to properly approach this subject, I will be grateful.


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