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All previous releases removed

In order to avoid disappointments and misunderstandings, we have removed all releases of Macattrick, since they wont work with the current version of the Hattrick CHPP interface.

Posted by Thomas Tolborg 2008-03-11

We are working on Macattrick again ...

Macattrick has been sleeping for a while. However we are infact working on a new version of Macattrick. But it will take a while before anything is released, since we are redesigning it from scratch.

You can follow the development of the new Macattrick here:

Posted by Thomas Tolborg 2008-03-06

Macattrick 0.8.1 Released

The 0.8 release was compiled as an intel only binary by accident. This 0.8.1 release should be a proper universal binary.

Posted by Thomas Tolborg 2007-06-06

Release 0.8

Macattrick development has started again.
This release is a universal binary for OSX 10.4.

- Login issues due to Hattrick's new cookie handling fixed
- "Forward Towards Wing" position added to lineup.

Posted by Thomas Tolborg 2007-06-05

Release 0.7

Macattrick 0.7 is now able to display the changes of the skills of the players. In the player table, a small change column is displayed after each skill. At the bottom the user can select a date to which the changes of the players should be displayed. Furthermore, we added a new tab to the preferences which enables to remove former, unused, dates. Beside these major improvements some minor improvements and bugfixes have been added. Version 0.7 is available in English, Dutch, and German.

Posted by Geisschaes 2005-07-10

Release 0.6

Release 0.6 of Macattrick is mainly a bug fix and localization release. Login errors to are now reported appropriatly to the user. Furthermore, positions formulas can now be exported and imported, so you can share your favorite formulas with your friends. The scores for special positions in the line up are now displayed in the drop down menu. Beside the English version, Macattrick 0.6 has been localized to Dutch, French, and German.

Posted by Geisschaes 2005-05-20

Release 0.5

In version 0.5 a new player details window has been added, which includes a training tester feature to see what effect a training would have. Furthermore, the formulas according to which the positions are calculated can be customized in the preferences. The new version uses the security code proposed by the new CHPP rules. Several bugfixes have been added including improvements in the keychain access. Version 0.5 is available only in English but further localizations are planned to be released as soon as possible.

Posted by Geisschaes 2005-02-27

Release 0.4

A toolbar with nice icons has been added. Working offline and downloading data twice is now possible. Password is now stored in keychain to enable faster login. Furthermore, several minor improvements and bug fixes have been added. Version 0.4 is available in English, German, French, and Dutch.

Posted by Geisschaes 2004-12-22

Release 0.3.1

New Localizations for German, French, Dutch, and Norwegians have been added to Macattrick 0.3.

Posted by Geisschaes 2004-11-28

Release 0.3

A considerable team info panel has been added, which displays a large amount of data about your team, its economy or arena. Try it out!

Posted by Geisschaes 2004-10-06

Release 0.2

The second version of Macattrick has been released. A new Try Player Window is now available to test players. Additionally the software has been translated into swedish and german.

Posted by Geisschaes 2004-07-27

First Release!

The initial functionality of Macattrick 0.1 consists of listing players and their score at any position possible as well as calculating the line up using a dynamic graph search algorithm.

Posted by Geisschaes 2004-06-10

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