Mac4Lin 1.0 RC documentation is now available

Anirudh and I have been trying to get the current version of the PDF documentation for Mac4Lin 1.0 posted but we're having trouble getting me permission to upload it here. Luckily I can host the file myself on my blog so you can now get the latest version of the Mac4Lin 1.0 documentation. It can be found at although it will be available on this site before Mac4Lin 1.0 is officially released.

We know that we need to update the Thanks page and the screenshots at the end of the documentation, but everything else should be pretty much set. The one known exception will be any changes required by a further update to the Firefox themes that DrP is currently working on.

Please post any comments in the forum here or on the support thread on the Ubuntu Forums (

Thanks to everyone who's provided feedback on the first release candidate. You're helping make Mac4Lin 1.0 the very best it can be.

-Peng Hardin
Mac4Lin Documentation Writer

Posted by Peng Hardin 2008-11-15

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