Mac4Lin Icon Theme .tar.gz file missing!

  • Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson - 2008-05-19

    I have extracted the Mac4Lin_Icons_Part2_v0.4.tar.gz into my tmp folder on my filesystem, by the way i am running Hardy Heron, and when I try to install the GTk Icon theme from system preferences - appearance i cannot find the Icon Theme .tar.gz file. I have looked though all the folders of which include folders like 16 * 16 Extras and Scalable none of them contain the tar.gz file. I have been following the documentation perfectly but this file is missing.
    Please help
    Thank you

    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2008-05-19

      I'm sorry, there has been some confusion. You should not extract Mac4Lin_Icons_Part2_v0.4.tar.gz. Instead you should install Mac4Lin_Icons_Part2_v0.4.tar.gz from the Appearances, meaning Icon Theme .tar.gz is Mac4Lin_Icons_Part2_v0.4.tar.gz file.

    • Bob Thompson

      Bob Thompson - 2008-05-19

      Thanks, it would be as simple as a mistake as that on my part.
      Thanks for the fast reply


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