Installing theme - dock & graphics

  • virtualu2

    virtualu2 - 2009-07-01

    Newbie to linux sort of, decent with the system, bad with the eye candy :)

    I love the theme but can't get it right. I ran the install script by just double clicking it, and all went OK according to comparing with what happened and the documentation I found.

    I can't get the screen to look right though, where should my panel go and is it on auto-hide or something? I also can't see the AWN bar, and I read something about Cairo being preferred?

    Then in the Compiz settings are their recommendations? I did add the Emerald as detailed as well. I basically followed all the directions, my screen just doesn't look the same though, in the screenshots it looks awesome, on my screen it just looks OK, so I know I am missing something.

    The video is an NVIDIA and the laptop is newer, so it should be able to handle it.

    I tried on Ubuntu 9 and Linux Mint 7 - 32 bit for both.

    • dartgun

      dartgun - 2009-07-20

      yo get fedora 8 or any other fedora ones (there are 12) then download the file and extract it with archive (or just double click on it for it to do this by your self). For compiz you should check your graphics card if it works with linux and if it doesn't then your screwed till they make one. Nvida doesn't have drives but there is some emulator/program out there that you can use google it. Awn must be downloaded from a website like source to find it.

    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2009-07-01

      Please download the Mac4Lin documentation:

      It gives info on how to get AWN/Cairo dock up and running.

    • virtualu2

      virtualu2 - 2009-07-02

      I did download that and reviewed it, I guess I am not sure how to setup Compiz in terms of getting the windows to look like they do in the screenshots for the theme, and then how do I get the panel to move to the top or in the screenshots is it auto hid with Cairo or AWN at the bottom?
      I don't want to lose the panel as I like the menu's, I just like the whole theme and the way it looks/works. Are there special transparent settings and whatnot that I need to set? This is for LinuxMint 7 and Ubuntu 9.04, I have 2 systems I am trying this on.


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