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  • GreggJensen

    GreggJensen - 2007-11-26

    I am running kubuntu and have installed the ubuntu-desktop (ie, gnome) and am now running a gnome session. Upon following your directions to install the theme (Systems->Preferences->Appearance), I select the install button and browse to where I extracted the tarball (Mac4Lin_v0.3.tar.gz) and select the file (under the GTK Metacity Theme directory): Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.3.tar.gz. Assuming this is correct, the result is that the appearance applet crashes. It brings up a dialog window that says that there is a problem with something in the themes directory and that the appearance applet has restarted to many times and that gnome would try again when the user re-logs in. If I try to bring up the appearance applet again, it takes a long time and then brings up the dialog box about retrying to many times and stopping (and the appearance dialog never shows up). I can get back to square one by removing the Mac4Lin directory under .themes. This may be an issue because of the initial install of the OS was kubuntu and gnome was added. Thoughts about where/how to start troubleshooting? Should compiz be running or not? Does it matter if it is running?

    • GreggJensen

      GreggJensen - 2007-12-03

      Thank you for the information, but unfortunately both of those packages were already installed. I broke down and stayed with KDE using the emerald theme and changing the color scheme (although it is not as good). So, no icon or other image changes. I will wait until the next time I upgrade my distro and I will make the switch to the gnome interface and will be able to use it at that time. I will say that I was able to get it to work on my laptop at home (which, too, had kubuntu originally, and then I added the ubuntu-desktop and subsequently mac4lin). So, at least I get to use it at home.

    • GreggJensen

      GreggJensen - 2007-11-27

      Got a step further. At least the appearance dialog does not core dump now. I had to install the package: gtk2-engines-murrine

    • GreggJensen

      GreggJensen - 2007-11-27

      Shoot, spoke to soon. While it worked initially, subsequent execution of the gnome-appearance-properties crashes (Segmentation Fault - core dump).

    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2007-12-01

      Install these packages as well: gtk2-engines and in particular, gtk2-engines-pixbuf


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