Fedora 11 and GNOME 2.26

  • cogentnexus

    cogentnexus - 2009-11-24


    I am trying to install Mac4lin on Fedora 11 but I am running into some
    difficulty. There seems to be no way to install the GDM Login window theme.
    System->Administration->Login Window -> does not exist in Fedora 11. Any help
    on how I should proceed would be most helpfull. I have been on this for about
    a week now.

  • cogentnexus

    cogentnexus - 2009-11-25

    Hi Thanks for your response. The response does indeed show it is possible. I
    have also been reviewing the gnome 2.26.3 documentation and found the

    "The gdmgreeter and gdmlogin are two different login applications, either can
    be used by GDM. gdmgreeter is themeable with GDM themes while gdmlogin is
    themable with GTK+ themes. These applications are normally executed by the GDM
    daemon. Both commands support standard GNOME options. "

    So there must be some way to do this. I just hope someone with a little bit
    more experience can point me in the right direction.

    Thanks again for your help.


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