Ubuntu 10.04 and Mac4Lin not wrking correctly

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  • stimpyaw

    stimpyaw - 2010-07-20

    First off THANK YOU for creating this doc!!!

    I started using Mac4Lin when I had Ubuntu 8.04, then upgraded to 9.10. With
    both of the version of Ubuntu (8.04, 9.10) I did not have any problems adding
    this 'theme' to my Linux.

    I have now upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 and the current version of Mac4Lin does
    not have all the steps necessary to change 10.04 default theme over to Mac4Lin
    completely. I did run "Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0.sh", the theme installed but
    things are missing or wasn't installed by the script leaving it to me to try
    an figure out. I have tried to get a few things to work the list is here:

    1. 'Splash Screen' not change, I went through the instructions a few times and still can not get it.

    2. 'Wall Paper' had to manual change that.

    3. 'Sound' could not determine if it was installed by the script, the instructions don't match Ubuntu sound control app (gnome-volume-control).

    4. 'Songbird' the following files can not be used with Songbird 1.7.3: 'iSongbird.xpi' and 'mediaflow-2.9.2.xpi'

    ERROR MESSAGES: MediaFlow 2.9.2 could not be installed because it is not
    compatible with Songbird 1.7.3.

    " " " " " " " : iSongbird 1.0.0 could not be installed because it is not
    compatible with Songbird 1.7.3.

    1. 'GRUB' has not changed since running the script and haven't found a way to manually change this.

    I'm not sure if there are other options that aren't working, but I under 10.04
    is a newer version of Ubuntu and maybe the authors of the tutorial haven't had
    a chance to update the theme and the instructions.

    PLEASE, PLEASE update this tutorial, install script for Ubuntu 10.04. If you
    need me to test anything please let me know.

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-07-21

    Glad you like Mac4Lin :)

    The reason why you see those error messages is because Mac4Lin hasn't been
    updated since quite sometime. My full-time job is keeping me quite busy. Hence
    progress has been very very slow.

    1) Splash screen, unfortunately, cannot be changed easily now. That is because
    Ubuntu doesn't use usplash anymore :(

    2) This looks like a change in naming convention. It should be easy to fix. I
    will look into it. Thanks for pointing it out :)

    3) Ubuntu changed the way sounds are assigned and it no longer supports the
    old way. Sadly, there is no easy way that I know which can automate this
    process by a script.

    4) Songbird, again, unfortunately does not support this format. I would need
    to find the updated skin.

    5) As you said, things have changed in GRUB and it no longer uses this

    I really appreciate you taking time to go through the documentation. I will
    update it for sure, but I cannot give a hard date since I'm extremely busy
    with work these days. If you can help me update it, I will gladly share the
    source .odt files with you :)

  • stimpyaw

    stimpyaw - 2010-08-03

    YW and no problem, complete understand that you have a life out side of this
    app including a job that keeps you busy. I just wanted to let everyone know
    that makes the switch from Ubuntu 8.04 and 9.10 to not to freak out when they
    try to apply this theme.

    Yes, if you need the help to test I be more then willing to help you test
    anything you need for this theme. Just so you know I'm not a programmer but if
    you give me clear steps to follow I'll get you the output you need to update
    this theme.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-08-03

    I've updated Mac4Lin for Ubuntu 10.04 and the corresponding GNOME version. I'm
    just waiting to make a formal release with some xtra goodies :)

  • Piyush Agrawal

    Piyush Agrawal - 2010-08-05

    Awesome!! I can't wait for the release.. By the way I have been a fan of this
    awesome theme, and I actually have made many wonder about how come I have OSX
    on thinkpad. :D
    Just as a continuity for this thread, I haven't had any problem upgrading from
    9.10 to 10.04 with this theme installed. In other words, I already installed
    this theme on 9.10, everything works fine, and then I upgraded to 10.04. No
    sweats whats so ever.

  • stimpyaw

    stimpyaw - 2010-08-07

    WOOHOO!! Great to hear that you have updated this great theme for 10.04. I
    can't wait to try the updated version. Will I need to uninstall the Mac4Lin I
    have installed know??

    I should have added to my original post, I installed 10.04 from a clean
    install and did not upgrade from 8.04, 9.04 or 9.10. That is great to know
    that upgrading Ubuntu thru the versions keeps Mac4Lin working!!

  • Bill Bores

    Bill Bores - 2010-08-08

    First of all infra_red_dude thank you for taking the time to write Mac4Linux.
    Just a week ago I installed Ubuntu 6.x, then upgraded to 8.0x then 10.04 LTS.
    I too had similar issues with the download package but observed the various
    errors as the script ran. Then modified it as much as I could to get more of
    the installation to run. When you complete the Ubuntu 10.04 mods, it will be
    going on all of my Ubuntu machines.

    Thanks again for your time, skill and work,


  • Anonymous - 2010-08-11

    Great that you updated Mac4Lin for Ubuntu 10.04. Is it posible to get the svn
    update before you make your final release, so that we can test it out and
    provide feedback.

  • LordMorgoth

    LordMorgoth - 2010-08-30

    I second that about the SVN version to test and provide feedback :) perhaps
    even help in writing the script !

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-08-31

    Can anybody point me to directions on using SVN with a GUI client. I installed
    eSVN, RapidSVN and SVN Commander. I don't seem to get how to configure
    sourceforge.net's svn servers with these clients.

    Perforce is way simpler than this ... even on CLI :(

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-08-31

    Alright. I got eSVN to work finally. Seems many terms in Perforce and SVN are
    different even though they appear to be the same. I seem to have pulled all
    the existing files from Mac4Lin's SVN repo. However, when I try to commit
    changes I get the following error:

    svn: Commit failed (details follow):
    svn: MKACTIVITY of
    authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic
    challenge (https://mac4lin.svn.sourceforge.net)

    I only got asked for my credentials when I added the repo. Now I can view the
    repo, update to latest version but cannot commit. I never get asked for my
    password on commit. I deleted gnome's keyring file and also tried added
    "password=store = " in subversion/config file. Nothing seems to help.

    Anybody else facing this issue? I'm sorry, I've not used SVN before. I'm used
    to Perforce. The first time I put Mac4Lin the SVN repo some Samaritan helped
    me. He is not to be seen of late!

  • Jan Komadowski

    Jan Komadowski - 2010-08-31

    Try to use Eclipse (do not install from the repo, just download from the home
    page), after installing SVN, everything works correctly-perfectly. If you need
    assistance in installing the SVN plugin, let me know.
    Have fun :)

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-09-01

    Can't use Eclipse for all because a lot of the files are .png images. It seems
    there is some bug in either svn client or the svn CLI backend.

  • Jan Komadowski

    Jan Komadowski - 2010-09-01

    Try to throw small packages, one folder at a time or something like that.

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-09-01

    I'm trying to submit just one file. Btw, anybody has any GUI SVN clients
    recommendations? and of course a small tutorial? :)

  • Piyush Agrawal

    Piyush Agrawal - 2010-09-03

    Have you ever tried bazaar? Its almost similar to SVN but well documented.

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-09-03

    No, I haven't tried bazaar. Does SF.net support bazaar? I thought it only
    support CVS and SVN.

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-09-03

    Thank you so much :) I will go through that!

  • Anonymous - 2010-09-06

    While using ubuntu 10.04 I notice certain app icons show in menus, but will
    not display in viewer, dock(wbar will not load) or gimp. Example

    get following error in viewer:
    Could not load image 'evolution.png'.
    Fatal error reading PNG image file: Not a PNG file

    Gimp says file is empty, however if I remove .png from filename it opens it as
    a layered windows .ico file.

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-09-06

    I think this has to do something with the permissions. Did you install that as
    root? You need to install Mac4Lin as a normal user. What is the size of the
    .png file?

    Btw, please start a new thread. Else your question will get lost in this

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-09-11

    Hi all,

    I'm finally available to upload the update to the SVN repo. Please grab the
    GTK_Themes and GTK_Icons directories. The update work great on the latest
    version of GNOME and Ubuntu (10.04).

    Thanks for all your help.

    I found this SVN client: RabbitVCS. It's a clone of TortoiseSVN and the first
    GUI SVN client I got working on Linux :)

  • Piyush Agrawal

    Piyush Agrawal - 2010-09-11

    Great work infra_red_dude..could you also post a few HOWTO commands for 1.)
    accessing the two specific directories and 2.) to install them in the existing
    mac4lin setup...

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Anirudh Acharya - 2010-09-11

    To download everything goto this page: http://mac4lin.svn.sourceforge.net/vie
    and on the
    botton click on "Download Tarball". If you however want to download specific
    components (like GTK_Theme etc.) then goto that directory and download the
    specific tarball. To install, you can follow any guide available online to
    install either the GTK theme or the GTK Icon theme.

  • stimpyaw

    stimpyaw - 2010-10-08

    Hello infra_red_dude,

    Just wondering if you had any chance to make any head way on Mac4Lin for
    Ubuntu 10.04. I know you are busy with other things (mainly your job) just
    wondering if there been any update.

    I don't see any way to add a donation to help in the progress of Mac4Lin.

    Again, thanks for the hard work you have put in to creating this for the rest
    of us.

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