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  • mail4youtoo

    mail4youtoo - 2008-03-18

    First let me say thanks to everyone here that helps. I am still fairly new to Linux and mac4lin so if this is a simple fix, I am sorry.

    I have been having this problem for the last couple of days.

    my set up...

    core2duo 6400
    8800gts 640 ram
    soundblaster live!
    2 gigs of ram
    680i Nvidia motherboard
    Xubuntu 7.10

    I installed mac4lin for the first time last night and loves it!

    I have awn autostarting using settings/autostarted applications

    Like most people with a new toy, I wanted to play with it. I made many changes to 'see' what happened. After a few reboots I started seeing what I thought was multiple docks appearing.

    the dock first appears in the center of the screen at the bottom of the window and looks fine.


    I get a second dock to the far left of the bottom of the sceen and it slowly crawls over to the origional location and stops. when I hover over an application ( I am using the classic animation - jumping icons ) I can see the second icon hiding behind it.

    After a few more reboots I keep getting more and more docks appearing. I must have had 20 icons for each program on the dock. Even with my more than capable system it brougt things down to a crawl.


    I erased all files of awn and started over.

    At first everything was going fine. I rebooted a few times to make sure I only had one dock appear.

    I played around with setting (trying the flat display and 3d ) I added a few program and changed colors and all seemed fine until I rebooted a few minutes ago and got the second dock appearing to the left of the screen and slowly crawl over to the origional dock at the middle of the screen.

    Is this a bug?

    I do not know what I could have changed to make this happen TWICE now.

    Anyone have any ideas? I would hate to have to reinstall again.

    Thanks in advance

    • mail4youtoo

      mail4youtoo - 2008-03-19


      Thank you for your reply. I was on the right track when I was looking into the running processes then. I ended up just removing AWn from the auto start list and everything seems to be running fine.

      Thanks for the help

    • mail4youtoo

      mail4youtoo - 2008-03-18


      I played around with it a few more minutes and this is what I discovered...

      I went to system monitor and selected the processes tab and I found that I had avant-window-navigator running twice!

      I ended one of the awn processes and now I have my origional dock back to its origional state with only 1 icon per application.

      So it lends me to believe that awn is starting twice when xubuntu starts. its only listed once the autostarted apllications list.

      So once again... anyone have any ideas to why this may be happening?


    • Ralf Lehmannn

      Ralf Lehmannn - 2008-03-19

      in the awn settings manager is a checkbox "Automatically start awn on login"
      so that could be the thing that awn starts twice


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