GDM Login Theme

  • Jason Miller Design

    Well, I posted this in a random thread but there's a little bit more on top of what I previously mentioned.

    The currently included GDM Login Theme has a bug where the screenshot does not show correctly in the Login Window preferences dialogue. The reason for this is because the screenshot image is "screenshot.jpg", but the .desktop file points to "screenshot.png".

    Also, I used your theme as a base model in making this accurate OS X Leopard theme:

    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2008-01-21

      Sure Dave :)

    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2008-01-11

      I've downloaded it. I'll soon test it :)

    • Jason Miller Design

      I can also modify the apple logo to be a gnome foot or something, if you are worried about copyright laws, etc..

      Or if you want, I can make a knock-off apple logo from scratch so that there are no copyrights being circumvented.

    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2008-01-13

      Don't worry. I've already replaced the apple/black ubuntu logo with the gnome foot which will be included in ver.0.5

    • Jason Miller Design


      Is there a target date for the initial release of v0.5 yet?

    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2008-01-18

      Not yet. Am a bit held up these dayz. But expect it under 10 dayz.

    • DFincher

      DFincher - 2008-01-19

      Anirudh & Jason,
      First let me say that I love the look and feel of Mac4Lin. This is a very nice series of themes and improvements which give a polished and professional look to the Gnome Desktop.

      You may have seen some of my GDM Themes on Gnome-look under (finchair). I did the OSX-GDM, but it didn't capture the feel of Leopard like Mac4Lin does. I would like to provide some feedback and if desired xml file work on the GDM. Jason I know that you have been making changes to the file and don't want to jump in or step on your work. Mainly I would like to give recommendations for changes to the GDM which would improve some of the functionality and GDM element compliance.

      I have worked with Brian Cameron (the lead GDM Maintainer for Gnome) and I am registered as the Gnome GDM Themes Maintainer. Through my interactions with Brian he has passed on what he believes is important format requirements for the GDM XML files which will ensure that they maintain compatibility with the GDM application. I would like to work with you on providing the best quality product possible for Mac4Lin.


    • Anirudh Acharya

      Anirudh Acharya - 2008-01-20

      Hello Dave, nice to hear from you :) Is there a standard format for the xml file? You could sure help me in standardizing the mac4lin components.

    • DFincher

      DFincher - 2008-01-21

      Not a formal or had format standard. There are highly recommended elements though like the pam-message, pam-error, and timed-label. Additionally to ensure cross session compatibility that the buttons for disconnect, chooser and config buttons be present in the theme. These can be swapped with the current buttons depending upon the session being invoked. The XML file and the theme engine are pretty forgiving and most of this stuff can be left out with no ill effects, and I certainly haven't been 100% correct some of my themes. :)

      I'll put together some recommendations for updates to the GMD Theme and you can decide what can be effectively implemented without compromising on the spirit of the theme. This is a very nice looking theme and I dont think anyone is going to complain if it doesn't have everything.


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