#39 panel background not transparent on menu

aitjcize francis

as title
the menu backgroud isn't transparent
and you can see a line.
it' s hard to described
see the attached screenshot

BTW this project is awesome!!! keep going!!


  • Yes, the new panel was designed to work with GlobalMenu. If you use that then the panel background will be fully transparent.

    If you are fine editing gtkrc file then you can find the Panel section in gtkrc file and uncomment (remove all #) from the panel, widget and class lines after the Panel section.

    Alternatively if you install GlobalMenu then you won't face this issue. Hope this helps.

    Actually I'm planning to make it an option in the installation script which installs the corresponding gtkrc file upon querying the user.

  • BTW
    I've tried to edit the gtkrc file
    but after a edit it
    it became really strange...
    menu doesn't seed quit right, the highlight bar is now gray...

  • Can you tell me what editions did you make exactly?

  • uhn.. it's a typing mistake
    I'm using ubuntu 9.04 with Mac4lin v1.0