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Kernel Module Merge

Things are progressing slowly, but a "merge-able" MOL kernel module is starting to take shape in SVN. There's still quite a bit of work to be done and if you'd like to help out I'd appreciate it! I'm hoping to ultimately get the kernel code upstream to help stop the breakage that seems to occur every other release. :) Bear with me, but I think the time spent is worth it!

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-10-09

Mac-On-Linux Released

This is a bugfix release, there are no new features. Included is a number of
build fixes, such as 2.6.22 support and fixing the build on FC7.

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-06-25

No More SPAM

I think I've taken care of the SPAM problem by adding a capatcha to the wiki
when adding new pages or pages with links. Cross your fingers! Sorry about
being MIA for the past few months, but I'll hopefully be able to get back into
development again soon. It also looks like we might need to drop the SDL Sound
driver already, there is no support for recording audio, but that's a feature
that's been requested a few times. I'm considering OpenAL, but you have any
suggestions, please let me know.

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-06-20

SDL Video Driver

I'm currently working on an SDL Video driver, but I don't want to commit anything that breaks the SVN version yet, so no commits for a little while. I'm still busy though. :) Once I finish it up, I'll do a new _pre release so the SDL plugins will get more testing.

Also, I may have a PPC64 machine on the way, I'll post here if a PPC64 port is coming!

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-03-29

SDL Sound and Setup GUI

An SDL Sound driver has been merged in SVN. Please test it out and let us know how it works for you. It is still quite sensitive to CPU usage spikes, but can offer better percieved performance under some circumstances.

Additionally, Nathan Smith has joined the Mac-on-Linux team and is helping to write a python based GUI for managing Mac-on-Linux. This new project can be found in the mol-gui branch in SVN.

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-03-14

Mac-On-Linux 0.9.72 Released

Mac-On-Linux 0.9.72 has been released! This version includes a number of fixes including RPM generation from Joseph E. Sacco and patches to allow running MOL on the AmigaOne from Gerhard Pircher. The User Guide has also mostly been finished for this release, restoring most of the missing documentation from the old site. Enjoy!

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-03-03 domain

As you may have noticed, YDL added a forward for the domain so it points to this project. Thanks YDL! Unfortunately, this had the side effect of breaking our mailing lists. I've checked with YDL to see if we can get the archives, but we'll have to host our own mailing lists for now. Please sign up for the new mailing lists and thanks for your patience!

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-02-08

mol-0.9.72_pre2 release

Mac-on-Linux 0.9.72_pre2 has been released! This release was primarily a bug-fix release, mol-0.9.72_pre1 users should definitely update. With this release, the source for BootX (the application used to boot OSX within MOL) is now included. Please test this release and report bugs to our tracker!

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-01-16

Migrated Source Repository to SVN

Since most people seemed to want SVN over CVS, I've migrated the repository. Let me know if there are any problems.

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2007-01-05

BootX source

The source for the modified (MacOSX) BootX that MOL uses has been integrated with the main source package. When you build MOL, BootX is built from source add added to mollib. I've patched it a bit to add in the 96MB memory map support from Apple, but if someone else could verify that it works for them, I'd appreciate it. :)

I've also fixed those annoying gcc4 warnings about -I-, hopefully that didn't break anything, but again, I'd appreciate some testing.

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2006-11-08

mol-0.9.72_pre1 release

I've finally finished up the support for qcow disk images, please test this out and let me know if it works / doesn't work for you. I would also consider this unstable for now since there are some changes to the block driver system. Either way, enjoy!

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2006-11-06

mol- release

This release fixes compilation on 2.6.19 and adds the molvconfig manual from debian.

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2006-10-28

mol-0.9.71 Source in CVS

Topic says it all, I've added mol-0.9.71 to CVS, module mol-stable. I'll continue adding patches to this module as they're required/come up (kernel 2.6.19 build errors have already cropped up), but no features will be added to this tree. In the near future, I'll add a new branch, mol-dev, where the new features will show up.

Sorry about the homepage, but it's adequate for now. :)

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2006-10-19

mol-0.9.71 release and new SF project

Mac-on-Linux 0.9.71 has been released! See the files section to download the source.

This release is a collection of bug-fixes and other changes made after the original Mac-on-Linux project was abandoned. I'll get the source added to CVS and a homepage set up ASAP.

Posted by Joseph Jezak 2006-10-06