#8 Emulating "System p"

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Possibility to emulate pSeries/System p hardware to be able to boot AIX.

Not really sure what's missing.
Could be someting in the RTAS-part of the device-tree.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This probably won't happen for a few reasons:
    1. AIX isn't open source
    2. I don't have a copy
    3. New drivers would have to be written to emulate expected hardware for AIX

    I'll take patches :)

  • Joseph Jezak

    Joseph Jezak - 2007-02-05

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    Please re-open if you have a patch or would like to donate a copy so I can work on it.

  • Joseph Jezak

    Joseph Jezak - 2007-02-05
    • status: open --> closed
  • Bugenhagen

    Bugenhagen - 2007-02-10
    • status: closed --> open
  • Bugenhagen

    Bugenhagen - 2007-02-10

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    Dang, this is tricky since I dont really "own" a private copy of AIX.
    Going through the hassle of leagaly owning a copy to donate is over my horizont.
    Both in money and in time.

    I do own an old 7006-c10. And in those old days; a machine came with a software-license.
    But that would be AIX 3 ... no chrp in sight here.

    Do You have any clue why mol won't boot AIX's nice ELF-image? Is it the elusive device-tree that is "incomplete"? Have You seen how SIMOS/PPC handles the AIX-64 4.3-boot?

    Can I run tests, and send You debug-outputs, or would this be to much a slow process?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have no idea as to why it's not booting, but most likely, MOL doesn't present hardware that AIX expects. I honestly can't tell you since I don't have a copy or a way to try it. I can answer questions if you want to try to fix it, but I won't be able to help much more than that without a copy.


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