I am a bit unclear,


Did you get mjpeg working for the m5603c ?


If so, then maybe there is a chance for the windows drivers on windows 7 win32. But I doubt it J


I still don’t know what sensor I have. Benq S31e with Qeye 1.3 Mega Pixels camera. Works perfect with Windows 7, using driver


I want to try to get 640x480 mjpeg stream going straight out in a videoconference, without preview, (apart from 1fps stillframe for general camera angle setting), without transcoding. This might make it a functional reasonable quality video device, and reduce latency on low CPU machines. Without mjpeg, the 640x480 stream is only about 12-14 fps – I assume this is due to USB2 bus limitations.


I am hoping a functional mjpeg implementation in hardware could be exploited by software in both the linux driver and the windows drivers, to get more than 12 -15 fps. I really want around 20 – 30 fps.


I could be wrong, it might be that mjpeg increases the latency due to slow or poor implementation at the ALI hardware level. But I assume it will reduce it.




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