latest m5602-ov9650-2 driver

  • Wendell Mackenzie


       This update seems a bit better...the image is definitely brighter.  I'm running on a quad-core
    Eurocom laptop with OpenSUSE 10.3.

       The last version was causing random lock-ups...:(  Is there anything that is of use to capture
    to help triage these?

    thx for the good work :)
    W. MacKenzie

    • Erik Andrén

      Erik Andrén - 2008-05-28

      If you experience a lockup again, please post to the m560x devel mailinglist with brief instructions on how to reproduce the crash,


    • Anonymous - 2008-07-11

      I know this is probably a totally stupid question... but, I can't find the code/source anywhere! Is there any way I can get hold of it? Thanks.

    • cmavr8

      cmavr8 - 2008-09-29

      Still can't find the driver... is broken, too.

      Someone from this project did comment on my blog though:

    • Dr Wahl

      Dr Wahl - 2008-09-30

      you can download the latest version from the svn repository using the following command (requires subrversion client):
      svn co m560x-driver 

    • cmavr8

      cmavr8 - 2008-10-01

      Thanks for answering!
      I seem to have no idea on how to install it though..

      And  the forums are full of abandoned questions "how do I install?".

      Any starting tips?

      How do I load the firmware?

    • yomamen

      yomamen - 2008-10-11

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