Kaiser Schwarcz - 2009-11-10

2009-11-10 07:11:07 BRST

Hi. I use a Fedore 9 in a notebook with a Via Chrome9 HC IGP video card. My web Cam is a Ali Corp 0402:5602. I just installed the gspca-m5062 but I can't put it to work. In the program Camstream, when I click in "opne viewer, I can see the device "v4l2-USB2.0 camera". But once I choose it, the capture window is all black and the program craches. In amsn when I try to configure the camera the capture windows is black again and I receive the mensage "unable to capture from the device",

What should I do? Any tips?

PS: I posted this same question in the open discussion forum by mistake. I'm sorry.