m5602 - gspca: set alt 0 err -110

  • Anonymous - 2009-07-04


    I have a problem with my ALi m5602 with ov9650 in 2.6.30. The modules load fine, detect the cam and create /dev/video0 device:

    gspca: probing 0402:5602
    ALi m5602: Probing for a po1030 sensor
    ALi m5602: Probing for a mt9m111 sensor
    ALi m5602: Probing for a s5k4aa sensor
    ALi m5602: Probing for an ov9650 sensor
    ALi m5602: Detected an ov9650 sensor
    gspca: probe ok
    usbcore: registered new interface driver ALi m5602
    ALi m5602: registered

    But when I try to use the device (with cheese, xawtv or skype) the application gets errors:

    libv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Chyba vstupu/výstupu # that means (I/O error)

    and in dmesg I see this:
    gspca: set alt 0 err -110

    This cam works just fine with 2.6.28 kernel with the old non-gpcsa m5602 branch.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Erik Andrén

      Erik Andrén - 2009-07-04

      Is this with the stock 2.6.30 driver or did you install the one from the m560x project repository?

      • Anonymous - 2009-07-04

        Now that was fast :)

        It's debian source kernel package (pretty much stock as far as i'm concerned).

        Now I've tried with http://linuxtv.org/hg/%7Eeandren/gspca-m5602/archive/tip.tar.gz (which I've got from http://m560x-driver.wiki.sourceforge.net/howto_install ) with the same results.

        Is there some better repository which I should try?


        • Erik Andrén

          Erik Andrén - 2009-07-04

          What machine is this?
          I'm also using debian, 2.6.30 and it works perfectly with my ov9650 camera. Are you sure you haven't enabled some kind of killswitch on the laptop?

    • Anonymous - 2009-07-04

      It's an asus amd64 desktop pc and the camera is mounted on asus PW 201 LCD display. No killswitches.

      Can I debug this somehow? On the old driver, there used to be a debug option on the module.


    • Erik Andrén

      Erik Andrén - 2009-07-04

      The error is emitted by the parent module - gspca and thus is out of my knowledge. I would advise you to send a mail to linux-media@vger.kernel.org explaining your issue and then we can try to solve with the help of some smarter guys. As your camera is on an external monitor it's kind of a special device. All other users of this driver are laptops with a builtin cam.


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