Turning off the camera (Led Light)

  • Triacs

    Triacs - 2009-06-10

    Your, are my last resort now. I have searched the whole internet it seems.
    Well I have a lenovo 3000 v200 who uses bisoncam, I have installed the drivers you created.
    The thing is that I dont use the webcam, but when I try Ubuntu, the cam is always on, the Green Led light is on.
    In windows you turn on/off the camera via software.

    How do I turn off the webcam, in ubuntu/linux? Is there in programs or do I need to don't load the driver at the beginning when ubuntu starts?

    Thanks in advanced

    • Erik Andrén

      Erik Andrén - 2009-06-21

      Ideally the camera should work like in windows, turning on the LED when the camera is active and otherwise turn it off.

      If you try the latest repository by following te instructions at:

      Does it then work?


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