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it's not working for me, tho the output of dmesg seems to indicate it is

here the lines that appear in the log when i modprobe (with the camera plugged in):

Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m560x_core.c: usb_m560x_init - M560x-based WebCam driver startup
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m560x_core.c: m560x_probe - M560x-based WebCam connected
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m560x_core.c: error from m5603_init_from_script
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m5603_mt9v011.c: [m5603_probe_mt9v011:366] probe mt9v011 sensor id 00 00
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m5603_ov7640.c: [m5603_probe_ov7640:170] probe ov7640 sensor id 00 00
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m5603_ov7640.c: [m5603_probe_ov7640:172] detected ov7640 sensor
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m560x_core.c: m560x_probe - Ali_M560x WebCam driver is now controlling video device 0
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] usbcore: registered new interface driver m560x
Nov 1 02:29:23 [kernel] /root/m560x-driver/m560x/trunk/km_m560x/m560x_core.c: 0.4.0:Ali M560x Webcam Driver

unplugging and replugging doesn't help either... i guess something else has to be done than just add the device id. also i read something about a camera with identical chip working in some developer's local build, so maybe committing that to SVN would make it work.