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m0n0wall 1.33 released

m0n0wall 1.33 adds a new image type for generic PCs with a serial console, further improves IPv6 support, includes a driver for newer Realtek network chipsets and contains various small changes and bug fixes.

Posted by Sebastian 2011-03-16

m0n0wall 1.33b2 released

This beta version introduces a new image type for generic PCs with a forced serial console, corrects driver issues with some Realtek NICs and fixes two small bugs in DHCPv6 handling and the captive portal.

Posted by Sebastian 2011-02-04

m0n0wall 1.33b1 released

This beta version further improves IPv6 support (DHCP-PD, AICCU), adds user-customizable captive portal logout/status pages, fixes many small bugs and XSS vulnerabilities and contains updates for ipfilter and the Realtek driver as well as other small improvements (see the full change log for details).

Posted by Sebastian 2010-12-30

m0n0wall 1.32 released

m0n0wall 1.32 patches an Ethernet bug on ALIX boards (among others) and contains several other small fixes and improvements on IPv6, the DNS forwarder and the hardware monitor.

Posted by Sebastian 2010-04-17

m0n0wall 1.31 released

m0n0wall 1.31 contains improvements to the IPv6 support, adds hardware monitoring on some platforms, and fixes a protocol vulnerability in OpenSSL.

Posted by Sebastian 2010-03-06

m0n0wall 1.3 released

m0n0wall 1.3 wraps up the changes introduced in the various 1.3b releases (IPv6 support, new bridging code, IPsec improvements, consolidated image for embedded platforms, countless bugfixes and other improvements).

Posted by Sebastian 2009-12-01

m0n0wall 1.236 released

m0n0wall 1.236 corrects a security issue in the DHCP client and includes some captive portal fixes from the 1.3b branch.

Posted by Sebastian 2009-10-01

m0n0wall 1.3b18 released

This beta release fixes an error (missing library) that was introduced with 1.3b17 and that broke IPsec support.

Posted by Sebastian 2009-08-19

m0n0wall 1.3b17 released

This beta release updates the base system to FreeBSD 6.4, changes the bridging implementation to if_bridge, and fixes various bugs.

Posted by Sebastian 2009-08-19

m0n0wall 1.3b16 released

This beta release improves IPv6 support (by providing more control over RAs, adding DHCPv6, allowing IPv6 DNS servers, enabling IPv6 webGUI access, etc.), adds initial basic support for secondary IP addresses, patches a kernel security issue and adds support for Broadcom BCM5722 NICs.

Posted by Sebastian 2009-05-28

m0n0wall 1.3b15 released

m0n0wall 1.3b15 is primarily relevant to those of you who already use the IPv6 features in m0n0wall. There have been two security fixes in the FreeBSD kernel related to IPv6, and support for AICCU (for use with dynamic tunnels from SixXS) has been added.

Other changes:

- fixed IPv6-ICMP firewall rule type matching

- added patch to enable custom next-server and filename options for static mappings in DHCP server (by Stephen Erisman)... read more

Posted by Sebastian 2008-10-11

m0n0wall 1.3b14 released

This beta release consolidates the net45xx, net48xx and wrap images into one single embedded image for all Soekris and PC Engines boards. It also introduces an official VMware image, and includes source port randomization for NAT, as well as many small bug fixes and improvements. The ability to install to HD after booting from the CD-ROM version has been added.

Posted by Sebastian 2008-08-24

m0n0wall 1.234 released

m0n0wall 1.234 adds source port randomization (which mitigates the recently discovered DNS security vulnerability) and contains updated versions of PHP and Dnsmasq.

Posted by Sebastian 2008-08-09

m0n0wall 1.3b13 released

m0n0wall beta version 1.3b13 has just been released with the following changes/fixes:

- added support for IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnels on WAN (for use with tunnel brokers)

- added support for IPv6 over PPPoE/PPTP (WAN)

- fixed issue where firewall rules on PPTP VPN (and access to
m0n0wall's own services, like ping or DNS, from a PPTP VPN client)
wouldn't work if incoming GRE packets were matched by a traffic
shaper rule on WAN... read more

Posted by Sebastian 2008-07-20

m0n0wall 1.233 released


according to feedback from users that experienced the PPPoE secondary DNS reject issue (with AT&T/BellSouth), 1.233-pre has fixed the problem, so I've decided to release m0n0wall 1.233. There are no other changes since 1.232 (except for PHP being updated to 4.4.8).


Posted by Sebastian 2008-01-24

m0n0wall 1.232 released!


following some input and a patch for the captive portal by Janåke Rönnblom (thank you!), I've decided to create a new bugfix release in the 1.2x branch. m0n0wall 1.232 contains the following changes since 1.231:

- captive portal reliability fixes
- always run pruning on all active users
- properly handle sessions that have not passed any traffic
- improve locking

- fixed FIN handling in ipnat FTP proxy... read more

Posted by Sebastian 2007-12-25

m0n0wall 1.231 released!

m0n0wall 1.231 fixes a minor bug with PPTP VPN idle timeout handling and WAN PPPoE/PPTP dial-on-demand.

Posted by Sebastian 2007-04-07

m0n0wall 1.23 released!

m0n0wall 1.23 adds new features to the captive portal, updates all components to the latest versions and contains many fixes and other small improvements. It marks the last general release in the FreeBSD 4.x-based branch of m0n0wall. (mk)

Posted by Sebastian 2007-03-12