Java LZMA (1) support

  • Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith - 2016-07-28

    I am dealing with a server that passes data in the legacy lzma format. I am using the LZMAInputStream to decompress, but there is not LZMAOutputStream, only LZMA2OutputStream.

    Is lzma (1) compressions still supported for the Java tools?
    If so, can you give me a few tips to get it working?

  • Lasse Collin

    Lasse Collin - 2016-07-31

    It was never supported by XZ for Java. Support for it has been requested. Perhaps it will be done in the future.

    LZMA SDK supports LZMA(1) with a different API.

  • Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith - 2016-08-02

    My bad. I didn't realize that it was never supported, good to know. I was hoping to use XZ utils to do it all instead of implementing compression with the LZMA SDK directly. Thanks for the information.


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