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Version 3 now on Github

I ported this to Python 3 and GTK3 and moved it to
(I am the original author.)

Posted by Thomas Führinger 2015-12-27

lybniz 1.3.1

This release fixes a few bugs
* [ 1807003 ] Error when saving
* [ 1726426 ] "evaluate" doenst recognise "^" power sign
* [ 1829857 ] Two start entries for lybniz - thanks Mario Bonino

Download from

Posted by sam tygier 2007-11-21

Lybniz in Debian

Lybniz in now included in debian . This means it should also make its way into Ubuntu soon.

I'd be happy to help out with anybody else wanting to package for another distribution.

Posted by sam tygier 2006-12-19

Lybniz 1.3 released

In this release there are a few new features, more documentation, and some minor bug fixes. There are also under the hood changes, lots for PEP8 conformance, and internationalisation (anybody who wants to do some translation please contact Sam Tygier, email address in the AUTHORS file).

Posted by sam tygier 2006-11-02

Translating Lybniz

If any one is interested in helping translate Lybniz please send me an email. You can find my address at . Hopefully version 1.3 can be released with in a few different languages.

Posted by sam tygier 2006-10-14

Lybniz 1.2 released

Lybniz 1.2 has been release. Source and ubuntu packages can be downloaded from the files page. See the release notes for more info.

Posted by sam tygier 2006-09-13

1.1 ubuntu package

There is now an ubuntu .deb package of lybniz 1.1. (It might work with debian, but i have not tested that).

It can be downloaded from the files section.

Posted by sam tygier 2006-08-05

Lybniz 1.1 released

Lybniz version 1.1 has been released.

This is the first sourceforge release, and the first release I (sam) have made. Please point out if I have made any mistakes. It should be noticeably faster than 1.0, also you only need to use "sin(x)" rather than "math.sin(x)" as before. See the for more details.

Posted by sam tygier 2006-08-04

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