LXR 2.0.0 released

This a major revision of the code base offering higher reliability and stability. Many features have been incorporated, though many are not end-user visible. Special care has been paid to indexing optimisation.

Multi-tree management is now much easier. Configuration is processed by a wizard able to handle very sophisticated cases. Manual editing of configuration should now be needed only in exceptional circumstances (such as changing screen layouts).

Web server configuration is also handled by the wizard (at least in the supported cases: Apache,lighttpd, Nginx, thttpd -- Cherokee must be manually configured through its own interactive tool).

Last but not least, comprehensive manual have been simultaneously released with the software. The User's Manual should be downloaded by every user. The Developer's Manual contains information targeted towards people needing to modify LXR; it gives no clue to the casual user. Code has also been thoroughly commented; part of these comments can be extracted to generate HTML-browsable documentation (once again, this is only of interest to LXR hackers).

It is anticipated that all older releases will be deprecated and that only the 2.x branch will be maintained.


Posted by Andre-Littoz 2013-12-12

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