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I would like to do a "general search" with LXR to find all of the "MSG::ERROR" statements under MuonSpectrometer.  If I enter "MuonSpectrometer" in the "Files named:" window, I get a listing of all of the MuonSpectrometer software.  If I enter "MSG::ERROR" in the "Containing:" window, I get a listing of the first 1000 files containing "MSG::ERROR", but this does not even get close to "MuonSpectrometer" in the alphabet.  If I enter both, I come up empty!

I suspect that only the first 1000 files are searched for the string, as I know that I have plenty of "MSG:ERROR" statements in the MuonSpectrometer software.  Does anyone know how to change that behavior?  I would like to avoid renaming my package to AAMuonSpectrometer!  Thanks.

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