Hi All,
I have set up an lxr for my project.
There are some C , C++ files with .cpp, .c , .cxx and the header files as .h, .hxx and .hpp extensions.
I know that lxr has got set because its indexing the .c files.
Can someone please tell me how to include these extensions as well.
I modified the genxref file a bit ( really a bit ) to see which files are gettign included... and then added these extensions on the line where the normal .{c|h|[cpp]} stuff is present.
However all in vain. I just cannot see these files indexed.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Please mail me back; if you know it.

By the wya i forgot to mention that i am using lxr version 3 and the O.S is Fedora Core 3.

Thanks a bunches!