Thanks for the prompt response. I'm using Apache 1.3.29,  perl 5.8.3. When I try to issue a continue command. I get this error :
syntax error at (eval 8)[/usr/share/perl/5.8/perl5db.pl:619] line 2, near ";
Here's what I found there. I'm a perl newbie, so I don't know what this is. Any ideas ?
        # $usercontext built in DB::DB near the comment                        
        # "set up the context for DB::eval ..."                                
        # Evaluate and save any results.                                       
        @res =                                                                 
  619:        eval "$usercontext $evalarg;\n";    # '\n' for nice recursive debug  
        # Restore those old values.                                            
        $trace  = $otrace;                                                     
        $single = $osingle;                                                    
        $^D     = $od;                                                         
Thanks and regards,
  Malcolm Box <malcolm@brownale.demon.co.uk> wrote:
George Ciobanu wrote:

> So source output is definetely not ok. Is there a way to test the
> source script, to see the generated output.
I take back my earlier comment that there wasn't a good way. What you
can do is:

- run source under the perl debugger:
"perl -d ./source"

- then set up the environment that the script depends on:
$ENV{'SERVER_NAME'}="your server name";

the values you should set for these variables should match the baseurl
in your lxr.conf so that "http://$ENV{'SERVER_NAME'}$ENV{'SCRIPT_NAME'}"
matches the URL.

- Run the script - "continue"

You will then get the script output dumped to the console.

Hope this lets you debug the problem.



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