I am a beginner of LXR. I install it and it works, but I have two problems.

1. At first, it always tell me "Template html-head.html does not exist". I have to debug it and modify Common.pm, function "makeheader" and "makefooter". And also func "printdir" in source.
old code:
        if(open(TEMPL, $config->value($tmplname)))             
new code:
        my $filestr;
        $filestr = "/usr/local/lxr" . $config->value($tmplname);
        if(open(TEMPL, $filestr)  

Is it a bug or I miss any installation step?

2. Where i can get internal-gopher-menu, internal-gopher-text, and internal-gopher-unknown, which are not in LXR package.