I've set-up the LXR tool (version 0.9.2) with swish-e
on a Solaris 2.8 system.
After a few patches everthing seems to work with
the swish-e interface, except the "file search".

In the search perl script, there is only a method with
glimpse by using the file:

The search perl script doesn't has a method for swish-e.
Has anybody already completed this?
I'm willing to do this, but I don't know yet how difficult this is .
Which scripts are impacted?
- find
- genxref

Another solution is to use glimpse as search engine.
But I've the impression that swish-e is more powerfull.
I've also include this e-mail in the LXR bug list with Request ID 640589
For some raison the same bug seems to be replicated in Request ID 640593,
which may be removed.

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