I'm using the most recent version of everything from CVS, and when I try to run './genxref --url=http://cvs.mydomain.com/lxr' (Implicit --allverions), I get nothing.. no errors or anything.  However, if I do './genxref --url=http://cvs.mydomain.com/lxr --version=1.2', it will generate all the indexes for v1.2 (And also 1.1, oddly).
After a bit of searching, I believe I've pinpointed the problem to be in the fact that LXR::Common::pathname is empty.  And since in lxr.conf, the example for getting all CVS versions is as follows:
         'range'   => sub { return
                    }, # deferred function call.
It doesn't find a single version. (Not even the default version)
Any suggestions on workarounds or fixes for this? I'm up against a brick wall at the moment on this one.