#4 configurable source presentation


I've customized the LXR.0.3 Common and genxref in
order to make the output more readable (close to an
emcas cmode). Yet those changes are not generic, and
fit only the needs of my company's team for C/C++ code.


* LXR should present the parsed code as an advanced
editor would do. (i.e: highlight functions, methods,
classes definition, includes, defines, local & global
variables, and get rid of the standard links color...)

* The faces (or stylesheets) should be configurable.

* quick jump when possible and selected (i.e: direct
link to function definition instead of passing by
ident script)

linked whishes:

* LXR should be able to use cached pages (static
preparsed files on demand): in order to balance the
overhead of style processing.

* incremental reindex should be possible on modified
files in src repository only.

* 1 xref DB per src file or subdir? => could solve
scalability problems for large repositories and could
accelerate the file processing (markupfile). yet this
would require another db format/content for the main
xref db in order to have the 'identifier search'
working, and working fast whatever the size of the

* and other minor whishes...

(sleepless) dreams:

* have emacs interacting and working as LXR i.e; by
mean of a switch between browse and edit modes... (if
any of you knows something similar, please let me

(nice and usefull tool anyway! :o)



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    + other 'todo' such as floating toolbar for mode
    selections, framing, web lxr configuration, automatic
    reindex and conf generation, diff improvements, ifdef
    parsing and parenthesis matching...

    contact: jmhe@advalvas.be

  • Malcolm Box

    Malcolm Box - 2009-04-07

    Most of these features are now implemented in 0.9.x - give it a try!

  • Malcolm Box

    Malcolm Box - 2009-04-07
    • status: open --> closed

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