Source does not display directories with '-'

  • Jean Parpaillon

    Jean Parpaillon - 2005-10-20

    On version 0.9.4, the source script does not display directories with '-'.
    Example : directory foo-bar
    The link points to '.../source/foo-bar/' and the page displayed shows: 'can not find directory /foo'
    Can anyone help me ?


    • Jean Parpaillon

      Jean Parpaillon - 2005-10-20

      Re to my post...
      Apply the following patch to for files with '-' to be listed:
      <               $path =~ s!(^[\w+\-,.%^/]+).*!$1!;
      >               $path =~ s!(^[\w_+-,.%^/]+).*!$1!;
      <               while ($path =~ m!/\.\./!) {
      >               while ($path =~ m!/../!) {

    • Jing

      Jing - 2006-01-05

      Hi Jean,
      Did you fix the problem by the patch?
      I tried, but failed.
      Anyone can help?


      • no_hope

        no_hope - 2006-04-25

        you need to re-index after patching

    • Ryan Schlesinger

      I applied the patch (it's backwards) and it seems to work just fine.


    • derkling

      derkling - 2006-05-03

      I've patched as reported on this thread and re-indexed my sources too... anyway I'm still getting the error:
      "The file /include/asm does not exist."
      when I try to navigate to links like that one:

      Another problem is that sometimes, clicking on a link, I get a request for file download instead of navigate to the linked page... refreshing (F5) make everithing work fine again... why that sort of behavoire?


    • karvandi

      karvandi - 2006-05-11

      another problem I experianced is when checngin to folders with two character name like 'mm/'. It returns to source root directory.


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