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multiple projects with lxr

  • Ogi Petrovic

    Ogi Petrovic - 2005-09-26

    Hi all,
    I am lxr begginer who is trying to make lxr work with multiple independent source repositories.

    We have lxr working on Solaris webserver with a cvs project . Now we would like to set it up to work with multiple projects some of which are in CVS some of which are not (they are in older SCCS version control). Installation guide suggests it's possible to configure multiple projects using only one lxr.conf, but I am missing the point how to exactly do it.

    What is the best approach to tackle this problem?
    Examples are most appreciated.

    LXR works great, especially if you are a new guy(girl) on a software project.

    Thanks so much!


    • Ogi Petrovic

      Ogi Petrovic - 2005-09-26

      LXR version is 0.9.4 with swish


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