bogus0094 - 2005-07-21


setting env: RH9.0/kernel 24.2.20-8/apache2/perl5.8.0/glimpse 4.18.0/lxr-0.3.1/I follow a general install instruction of lxr.

Installation was successful.

However, I found two problems.

1. When I open a certain html in a directory, I cannot browse a hyperlinked file in the html since those are linked in the current directory. The hyperlinked file actually is contained in the other directory. All files in a directory are translated into the same directory during processing html conversion.
For example, squidconf.h in the following code is linked to the current directory( i.e. squidconf.h-->hmmer-2.3.2/src/squidconf.h). However, it is supposed to point out "hmmer-2.3.2/squid/squidconf.h".

19 #include "config.h"
20 #include "squidconf.h"
22 #include "structs.h"
23 #include "funcs.h"
24 #include "squid.h"
26 #include <string.h>
27 #include <assert.h>

2. I want to browse also standard lib something like <string.h>.