cannot see any superlink after genref

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I already used genref to generate index, but while i view code in web page, i can not see any superlink in page file. does anyone can tell me why?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    my environment is windows xp, activeperl, apache, lxr0.3. and the content of lxr.conf is shown below,

    # Configuration file.

    # Define typed variable "v", read valueset from file.
    variable: v, Version, ,

    # Define typed variable "a".  First value is default.
    variable: a, Architecture, (i386, alpha, m68k, mips, ppc, sparc, sparc64)

    # Define the base url for the LXR files.
    baseurl: http://localhost/lxr/

    # These are the templates for the HTML heading, directory listing and
    # footer, respectively.
    htmlhead: C:/soft/dev/codeview/lxr/http/template-head
    htmltail: C:/soft/dev/codeview/lxr/http/template-tail
    htmldir:  C:/soft/dev/codeview/lxr/http/template-dir

    # The source is here.
    sourceroot: C:/soft/dev/codeview/lxr/source/2.6.32
    srcrootname: Linux

    # "#include <foo.h>" is mapped to this directory (in the LXR source
    # tree)
    #incprefix: /include

    # The database files go here.
    dbdir: C:/soft/dev/codeview/lxr/source

    # Glimpse can be found here.
    #glimpsebin: /local/bin/glimpse
    #swishbin: C:/SWISH-E/bin/swish-e.exe
    ctagsbin: C:/soft/dev/codeview/lxr/bin/ctags.exe

    # The power of regexps.  This is pretty Linux-specific, but quite
    # useful.  Tinker with it and see what it does.  (How's that for
    # documentation?)
    map: /include/asm*/ /include/asm-$a/
    map: /arch/+/ /arch/$a/

  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2012-10-11

    I am very sorry for not having noticed there was an unanswered help request.

    LXR 0.3 is very old, years before I took responsability for LXR. Many things have changed, notably configuration. So have a try to LXR 1.0. I admit its installation is Linux oriented and, from what I see above, you might have to edit file paths in lxr.conf to prefix them with C:

    The main difference with 0.3 is you now need to install a database manager such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. For a small personal source-tree, you can also use SQLite, but it is not sensible for big projects.

    Apparently, you try to cross-reference a Linux kernel. This is the most challenging configuration procedure to get it right. Have a look at the "Tips" page on A kernel configuration script comes with LXR 1.0 to facilitate this task.

    What do you mean by "superlink"? Hyperlinks for variables and functions? Hyperlinks for #include files?


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