fileidx and xref? where is the html code?

  • Stefan

    Stefan - 2002-05-06


    I just tried to install lxr-0.3. I did a "make install" and configured the configuration file and finally started "../bin/genxref /usr/src/linux-1.2.13".

    genxref seems to work, at least several thousands of lines do scoll on the screen: pass 1 to pass 3.

    the result of genxref is only two files, fileidx and xref. that's all? I thought I do get some html files to browse in?

    what am I missing?

    Cheers, Stefan

    for your amusement here is my config file.

    # Configuration file.

    # Define typed variable "v", read valueset from file.
    variable: v, Version, [/mnt/www/lxr/source/versions], [/mnt/www/lxr/source/defversion]

    # Define typed variable "a".  First value is default.
    variable: a, Architecture, (i386, alpha, m68k, mips, ppc, sparc, sparc64)

    # Define the base url for the LXR files.
    baseurl: http://localhost/lxr/http/

    # These are the templates for the HTML heading, directory listing and
    # footer, respectively.
    htmlhead: /mnt/www/lxr/http/template-head
    htmltail: /mnt/www/lxr/http/template-tail
    htmldir:  /mnt/www/lxr/http/template-dir

    # The source is here.
    sourceroot: /mnt/www/lxr/source/$v/linux/
    srcrootname: Linux

    # "#include <foo.h>" is mapped to this directory (in the LXR source
    # tree)
    incprefix: /include

    # The database files go here.
    dbdir: /mnt/www/lxr/source/$v/

    # Glimpse can be found here.
    glimpsebin: /usr/local/bin/glimpse

    # The power of regexps.  This is pretty Linux-specific, but quite
    # useful.  Tinker with it and see what it does.  (How's that for
    # documentation?)
    map: /include/asm[^\/]*/ /include/asm-$a/
    map: /arch/[^\/]+/ /arch/$a/

    • Barry Rountree

      Barry Rountree - 2002-05-06

      The data is in the database, translated into html on the fly.  (Well, that's how I assume it's done.  Anyway...)  In the alternate install instructions at, there's the following:

      After you have made the above changes, restart your web server if you've edited the httpd.conf file, and then point a browser to

      That should show you the results you're looking for.

      Good luck!


    • Stefan

      Stefan - 2002-05-07

      Ah, ok. I think the installation notes a slightly wrong. they say:
      "point your browser to" but in fact you
      need to point it to

      another thing makes we wonder. the cgi-files need config files named <cgi-file>lxr.conf, e.g. diff needs difflxr.conf and so on. linking lxr.conf to difflxr.conf fixed that.

      so far almost everything works. I can crossreference variables and functions but not include files as demonstrated on is it a feature of version 0.9 or should it also work with version 0.3?

      Cheers, Stefan

    • Barry Rountree

      Barry Rountree - 2002-05-07

      No problems here xfrefing include files.  I'm using 0.9.1.

      Hmmm... I didn't have to do any linking, so I'm guessing that's specific to 0.3.

      I'll try to get my amplifications to the installation notes posted tonight.



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