Aniket Bhat - 2006-02-16

Dear all:

I am trying to install lxr-0.3.1 on Fedora Core 2. I have followed the
installation instructions at and have
installed my lxr package in /var/www/html/lxr. I am running apache as "user"
and have ensured that the parent html directory has ownership and group
permissions of this user. I have also created a .htaccess file and modified
the access.conf as mentioned in the installation notes. I am creating a
source reference for tcpdump and have copied tcpdump directory in to
/var/www/html/lxr/source. Everything in the installation (including glimpse
and genxref) works fine, however when I run apache and try to access my
source code at URL http://localhost/lxr/source/ it doesnt generate a
hyperlinked html code for the project in the tcpdump sub-directory. Instead
it shows me the contents of the source directory namely, fileidx, xref and
the tcpdump directory. I am using Mozilla 1.7.6. Any help in this regard is
highly appreciated. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance.