lxr with cygwin -- my config

  • Robert Hunter

    Robert Hunter - 2006-02-13

    Here is my configuration for running lxr on windoze w/cygwin -- just in case it helps someone. :-)  By the way, if you use the windoze port of apache, then make sure you change the path to the interpreter in all the lxr perl scripts.

    # Configuration file.

    # Define typed variable "v", read valueset from file.
    variable: v, Version, [/srv/www/lxr/source/versions], [/srv/www/lxr/source/defversion]

    # Define typed variable "a".  First value is default.
    variable: a, Architecture, (i386, alpha, m68k, mips, ppc, sparc, sparc64)

    # Define the base url for the LXR files.
    baseurl: http://localhost/lxr/

    # These are the templates for the HTML heading, directory listing and
    # footer, respectively.
    htmlhead: /srv/www/lxr/http/template-head
    htmltail: /srv/www/lxr/http/template-tail
    htmldir:  /srv/www/lxr/http/template-dir

    # The source is here.
    sourceroot: /srv/www/lxr/source/$v/linux/
    srcrootname: Linux

    # "#include <foo.h>" is mapped to this directory (in the LXR source
    # tree)
    incprefix: /include

    # The database files go here.
    dbdir: /srv/www/lxr/source/$v/

    # Glimpse can be found here.
    glimpsebin: /local/bin/glimpse

    # The power of regexps.  This is pretty Linux-specific, but quite
    # useful.  Tinker with it and see what it does.  (How's that for
    # documentation?)
    map: /include/asm[^\/]*/ /include/asm-$a/
    map: /arch/[^\/]+/ /arch/$a/


    relevant part of httpd.conf

    # LXR

    Alias /lxr/ "/srv/www/lxr/http/"

    <Directory "/srv/www/lxr/http">
        Options Indexes +ExecCGI
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
        DirectoryIndex source
        <Files ~ (search|source|ident|diff)$>
        SetHandler cgi-script


  • toni

    toni - 2010-04-06


    I am trying to make LXR-0.9.8 run on windows server 2003, can you please
    let me know what all the tools we require and what steps to follow to make it



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