RustyC - 2005-09-12

Well, I seem to have gotten lxr all installed and working,
so that browsing the source works fine with the single version I currently have working (we use clearcase here, so I may or may not be able to use a direct clearcase connection - long story).

Anyway - when I am in 'source navigation' mode, I see links for filenames (SOME 'include's for example, show the link to the included header, and clicking on the filename indeed brings up the referenced file - but some includes are not found - probably due to the -I paths passed in to the compiler for those files).

However, NONE of the class names, variable names, class members, or anything show up as links to anything.

Just out of curiosity, I dumped the lxr database, and found that lxr_symbols, lxr_indexes, lxr_useage all had no entries, 
lxr_releases had 21,633 entries (all the single version I've indexed), xlr_status was full of 21,633 '2' values, lxr_files had all the filenames (and some other info), lxr_declarations had 78 rows that looked like something that was set up without regard to the code I've tried to index.

So, my current guess is that lxr is not detecting my header files (*.h) or my cpp files (*.cpp) as something to be indexed.  Or maybe they're just not being parsed right?  (We use namespaces a lot, if that matters).

Any ideas?


rc aka n7ikq aka ...