Everything seems to work but ...

  • Steeve Z McCauley

    I setup lxr to index a couple of projects.  To test it I did,

    ./genxref --url=https://mysite.bla.bla/lxr --version=project

    The projects are located in,


    It runs through the whole project indexing everything, but no index.html file is being generated in /usr/local/lxr.  When I point my browser to https://mysite.bla.bla/lxr I see the lxr source files but nothing else.

    • Rusty Carruth

      Rusty Carruth - 2003-06-03

      Umm, well, I see no response so I'll poke my head in and

      You have to go somewhere INSIDE lxr, e.g:


      if you want to do an identifier search.

      rc aka n7ikq.


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