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The directory xxx does not exist?

  • Jing

    Jing - 2006-01-04

    Hi fiends,
    I encountered this problem. After I installed and setup all packages and finished config lxr, i'v got an error on source-browsering page
    "The directory /path/to/mysrc/ does not exist"

    I tried 0.3 and 0.9, resulted the same.
    Could anybody give me a hand on it? I'm so puzzled and depressed!

    Thanks a lot.


    • Toshiharu Harada


      I experienced the same problems many times
      (and was depressed).

      Here's my lxr.conf (version 0.3):
      | # The source is here.
      | sourceroot: /src/linux/$v/
      | srcrootname: Linux
      | # The database files go here.
      | dbdir: /src/lxr/source/$v/

      What lxr needs to display source codes are
      "xref" and "fileref" files.  Lxr seeks thoese files in $dbdir, *NOT* in $sourceroot.
      This is the heart of the puzzle and confusing part.

      So please check your $dbdir.  If you successfully
      put xref and fileref files there, then you can
      "browse the codes". :-)

      Toshiharu Harada

    • Jing

      Jing - 2006-01-05

      Hi Toshiharu-san,
      I've got the key point of this problem.
      That is, apache server has no priviledge to access the directory.

      We need to put the source to somewhere apache can refer.



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