Cofigure LXR 0.9.8 on win server 2003

  • toni

    toni - 2010-04-08

    I am trying to configure LXR on win2003, perl 5.10, apache 2.2 using cygwin
    with swish-e-2.4.7-win32.exe installed in the windows and ctags.exe placed in the cygwin/bin
    and my lxr conf file looks as below

    # Location of SWISH-E binary
    'swishbin' => 'C:/SWISH-E/bin/swish-e',

    # Path to Exuberant Ctags executable
    'ectagsbin' => '/usr/bin/ctags',

    # Place where lxr can write temporary files
    'tmpdir' => '/tmp',

    # Location of the config file
    'genericconf' => '/usr/local/lxr-0.9.8/lib/LXR/Lang/generic.conf',

    # Location of the ectags.conf file
    'ectagsconf' => '/usr/local/lxr-0.9.8/lib/LXR/Lang/ectags.conf',

    'baseurl' => 'http://localhost/lxr',    # Put your URL here
    'virtroot'        => '/lxr',                   # The bit after the / above

    'variables' => {
    # Define typed variable "v".  This is the list of versions to index.
    'v' => {
    'name' => 'Version',
    # Explicitly:
    'range' => ,
    # The default version to display
    'default' => '1'
    # Define typed variable "a".  First value is default.
    'a' => {
    'name'  => 'Architecture',
    'range' =>
    # These do funky things to paths in the system - you probably don't need them.
    'maps' => {
    '/include/asm*/' => '/include/asm-$a/',
    '/arch/+/'       => '/arch/$a/',
    # sourceroot - where to get the source files from

    'sourceroot' => '/usr/local/source/1',

    # The name to display for this source tree
    'sourcerootname' => 'Example',

    'sourceparams' => {
    'cachepath' => '/usr/local/cache',
    'do_annotate' => 1,
    'do_blame' => 1,

    'dbname' => 'dbi:mysql:dbname=lxr',

    'dbuser' => 'lxr',

    # If you need multiple lxr configurations in one database, set different table
    # prefixes for them.
    #  'dbprefix' => 'lxr_',

    # For using glimpse, the directory to store the .glimpse files in is required
    #'glimpsedir' => '/path/to/glimpse/databases',

    # Location of swish-e index database files if using swish-e
    'swishdir' => '/usr/local/swish/',

    # where to look for include files inside the sourcetree.  This is used to hyperlink
    # to included files.
    #'incprefix' => ,

    # Which extensions to treat as images when browsing.  If a file is an image,
    # it is displayed.
    #'graphicfile' => '(?i)\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|pjpg|pjpeg|xbm|png)$',    #'


    when i try to run "perl genxref -url=http://localhost/lxr"
    i am getting following output

    bash-3.2$ perl genxref -url=http://localhost/lxr
    &&& / 1
    Indexing Data Source: "External-Program"
    Indexing "stdin"
    Removing very common words…
    no words removed.
    Writing main index…
    err: No unique words indexed!
    *** / 1
    ### / 1
    commit ineffective with AutoCommit enabled at lib/LXR/Index/ line 363, <GEN0> line 16.

    Please help me to configure successfully


  • Bhaskar

    Bhaskar - 2011-08-21


    I am facing exactly the same error while configuring LXR on Linux !
    I am clueless about that. Kindly help.

  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2011-08-21

    Hi bblingeek,

    I'm no expert on Windows, but if you used the same lxr.conf as above, there is a fault in it. I understand that i4uindia wants to index two (2) versions "1" and "2" from directory "/usr/local/source/" and he writes

    'sourceroot' => '/usr/local/source/1'

    that is, he goes one level too deep. When LXR or genxref tries to access a file in version 1, they build path


    with /1 duplication. For a version 2 file, you would have a /1/2 path instead of /2. They probably don't exist but error message from swish-e is not as simple as "file does not exist".

    The correct 'sourceroot' specification should be:

    'sourceroot' => '/usr/local/source'

    Check you didn't make the same mistake.

    Check also that LXR lists your source and its directories without going through genxref. genxref gathers information to generate the cross references and the hyperlinks. Without that pass, LXR is a simple HTML lister. You can thus check that installation is correct and your problem lies in the configuration.

    Have you read the detailed installation procedure on ? If you found errors or inaccuracies, please tell me so that I correct them. If you find the procedure obscure, please tell also to improve the steps.

  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2012-03-27

    This topic closed after spam flooding. If you need continuation, open a new topic.

    ajl, administrator


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