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  • Sergii Biloshytskyi

    Is there any way to make it work with Perforce?

  • Marc W. Mengel

    Marc W. Mengel - 2010-10-01

    You would need to add a lib/LXR/Files/ module, along the lines of the CVS or BK one.  I just did this for Subversion, it was fairly easy as the methods were fairly obvious (i.e. is_dir(path, revision) checks if the path is a directory..)  with one caveat, the "annotate" method actually returns a list of revision-id's for the file, one per line, which wasn't obvious at first.
    Since I think you can get at various versions through the filesystem with Perforce, it should look almost exactly like "Plain" modulo whatever path magic to get to a particular revision…


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