Sat - 2004-12-06

When I run genxref it outputs something like the following and immediately exits:
*** / 1.7
### / 1.7

But it appears to do nothing, in other words the generated LXR html page displays no code or code references.
I seem to recall reading something about problems using LXR with CVS. Anyone have more info on that?
I've struggled with this for ages and would _really_ appreciate some help!

I don't actually see how it can work with CVS, as the 'source' script appears to be searching for the list of files specified in lxr.conf by the 'filetypes' value. The filetypes value lists a number of source files (.cpp, .h etc) which won't exist in the CVS repository where all files exist with a ',v' suffix.

The relevant sections of lxr.conf are below:

  'v' => {
       'name' => 'Version',
       'range' => [qw(head 1.7)],
       ####'default' => 'head'
       'default' => '1.7'

  'sourceroot' => 'cvs:/home/clrdev/CVSROOT/',