Christian Hedin - 2004-08-16

I've been working with LXR for a few days now. I had some problems but managed to fix them one by one. One thing I noted in particular is the lack of decent error messages. I've been working in a win32/cygwin environment (shudder) and there can be problems with pathnames. I noted that I got a "Unknown type" warning for all my sourcefiles, which just didn't make sense. I modified the perl modules to print out some debug info and found that ctags just printed out 'ctags.exe: No files specified. Try "ctags.exe --help".' After further investigation I found I had an incorrect path to the lxr temporary directory. It would have saved me a lot of time with an error message stating that the tmp-path didn't exist. I suspect the other paths aren't checked as well. Might be a good idea?