How big (relatively) is the database

  • Stephen

    Stephen - 2009-05-28

    We've got a 5GB CVS tree and an 11GB git tree that we'd like to use LXR on.

    According to the INSTALL:

    "Note that genxref can be a very slow process the first time it is run,
    for example on a 4Gb source tree a full run can take several
    days. However, on future runs it will only index changed files, thus
    speeding the process."

    and I'm worried about 1) How big this database is gonna end up being, and 2) How long it's gonna take to create the initial index.

    Anyone got any similar sized repos and could let me know how big/small your databases are?

  • Marc W. Mengel

    Marc W. Mengel - 2010-09-27

    In my tests, we're ending up with a Postgres  database about 2% of repository size for CVS, with about 6 tags indexed.
    (specifically about 300M of database on 17G of CVS tree).

    My guess is that the database size will be even smaller proportionally for Git, as I think it takes more disk space
    for the same revision set; but I don't have any actual numbers to back that up..


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