#245 Wrong links when LXR at site-root


Related to bug #244

When LXR virtual root is / (LXR at root of server), links generated for buttons and hyperlinks begin with //. This is interpreted as a jump to another host.

(Double slashes are harmless in the middle of an URL, but in initial position, they denote a host name, where a single slash implies the current host and no slash means a link relative to the current page).

Fix for this bug needs to reconsider how the virtual root is used throughout LXR.


  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2013-11-20

    Virtual root has the following canonical form:
    - starts with a single slash
    - ends with a single slash (which allows simple catenation with the subsequent URL components)

    _initialize in Config.pm ensures the virtual root is conformant. In the root case, virtual root ends up as /, which is the correct expected form.

    Fixed in CVS

  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2013-11-20
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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