#171 #directives not always recognised


C syntax allows to have spaces between # and directive names. This is correctly reflected in generic.conf patterns but not in isreserved code. The reserved keyword list in generic.conf uses the compact form of the directive.

Side effect of the proposed patch: do not forget to remove also spaces in Fortran key words the day they are implemented.

In Generic.pm, sub isreserved

!-170 110307 (after line 170, insert:)
! $frag =~ s/\s//g ; # for those who write # include
--------------- end of patch --------------------------


  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2011-03-09
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2011-03-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ajlittoz
  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2011-03-12

    This has now been fixed in CVS.

    If you can install the new version and check that it solves your
    problem, then it would be very useful.

    Thanks for reporting this defect and helping to make LXR better.

  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2011-03-12
    • status: open-works-for-me --> closed-fixed
  • Andre-Littoz

    Andre-Littoz - 2011-03-12

    Ignore spaces between # and directive when looking up


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