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  • Shagbag

    Shagbag - 2007-06-07

    I'm trying to compile from source on my virgin OpenBSD4.1 install but it's not clear to me which files I actually need.  I have been back and forth reading the instructions on the web site (these instructions appear to be for v0.1 and, therefore, out of date) and reading the INSTALL and README files in each of the tarballs downloaded from the site.  I am now very confused.

    1.  I presume I start with the lxp-icewm-1.2.30.tar.gz file and compile that.  Is this correct?
    2.  If so, do I need to patch the source code with lxp-icewm-1.2.30.patch? 
    3.  Or is lxp-icewm-1.2.30.patch only needed if I have a pre-existing (non-LXP) install of icewm-1.2.30?
    4.  If so, do I still need to download and compile lxp-icewm-1.2.30.tar.gz in the first instance, or is it unnecessary if I simply patch a (non-LXP) version of icewm-1.2.30 that I installed from OpenBSD's package repositories?

    Apologies for the number of questions but I would really like to get this theme working on OpenBSD4.1 and I just need a little guidance.

    • Manuel Carrasco

      Manuel Carrasco - 2007-06-08


      I haven't tried to compile lxp-icewm in OpenBSD, but it should compile without problems.

      1.- You only need to compile lxp-icewm-xxxx.tar.gz
      2.- lxp-icewm-xxx.patch is the diffs betwen icewm and lxp-icewm, so you do not need to patch nothing if you use lxp-icewm-xxxx.tar.gz
      3.- You can patch your BSD package, I think it will to work fine unless BSD had patched the package.

      Let me know if lxp works fine in BSD.

      Manuel Carrasco

    • Shagbag

      Shagbag - 2007-06-08


      Thanks for the clarification.

      From a stock install of OpenBSD4.1 I've run pgk_add for the imlib-1.9.14p4.tgz package to enable support for icons other than just .xpm.

      The OpenBSD repos also have idesk-0.7.5.tgz.  Is it better for me to install this OpenBSD package or should I use your idesk-0.7.5-LXP.tar.gz source code instead?

      I can compile lxp-icewm-1.2.30.tar.gz without any problems but I have to add --disable-i18n and --disable-nls to get it to work (I presume this is something specific to OpenBSD).  However, when I add 'lxp-icewm-session' to my /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file and then 'startx', the LookXP icewm desktop comes up but without any icon next to the 'Start' text in the start button.  I read jizzel's post about this and I followed your reply.  My full ./configure is:

      ./configure --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix=/usr --datadir=/usr/share --sysconfdir=/etc --with-docdir=/usr/share/doc  --enable-lookxp --enable-mnuleftpixm --enable-btnoverpixm --enable-gradients --disable-i18n --disable-nls

      But I still get no 'windows' symbol/picture next to 'Start' in the start button.  Any ideas as to why it's not working?  There is also no LookXP banner down the left hand side of the start menu.  Any ideas?

      Also, I've noticed that the Logout icon is the same as the Program icon, ie. the Logout icon is not a key with the yellow background.  Instead, it is a yellow folder with a minature desktop on it - the same as the Program icon.  Is this a bug?  Is there an easy fix, eg. finding a copy of the logout icon and placing it in a particular directory somewhere with a correct name?

      Thanks for your help so far and great theme, btw.



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