Install LXP as user?

  • James Marsh

    James Marsh - 2008-11-28

    Greetings! I am a TOTAL newbie to Linux. I am currently using Linux Mint 5. I would like to install LXP as a user (rather than root) so that I can continue playing around with the Linux 'feel', but allow my wife to operate in a more familiar environment. Is there a way to do this?

    I have already downloaded and installed the DEB package, but nothing changed. Is there something I have missed?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Myles Green

      Myles Green - 2008-11-28

      Hi James (Jim?),

      I recommend that you use the install script (available on the download page at for the best results, otherwise you'll be missing some important components. Trust me, the experience *without* these is... not very good. You will have to run this script as 'root' (or via the sudo command) in order to properly install it but you will *both* (you and your wife) be able to login to your preferred desktop (ie: Gnome or LookXP) via the login window (usually it's GDM with Mint) by selecting your session from the menu - either by clicking on "Sessions" and selecting what you'd like, or by pressing the F10 key and making your selection, before you login. When you make a selection other than the "default" (ie: Gnome) you'll get a pop-up window asking if you want to make this your default, in your wife's case she should click the 'make default' button. After that you can just login as usual and you'll get your preferred environment.

      If you have any problems or more questions just ask here, I get all posts forwarded to my email account so I'll see them and be able to assist. FYI I'm a member of the development team as well...



    • James Marsh

      James Marsh - 2008-11-29


      Thanks for your assistance. By 'install script', I assume you are talking about "LXP-Setup"? If so, when I click on the link to download, it only goes to the "Downloading" page, but doesn't download anything (both on the page, as well as the page). I click the "direct link" available, but only pulls up a text/html doc. I have tried to save that page as a file, and tried to open it, but it only opens into Firefox, not running into a program. Should I try the 0.1 version, or continue with the 0.2 beta?

      Thanks again!

      • Myles Green

        Myles Green - 2008-11-29

        Hi James,

        Yes, that's the script I'm talking about. Here's a direct link to it:

        Just 'save page as...' you will then need to execute it with root permissions (as root or via the sudo command) but before you can you will need to change it's permissions, like this:

        open an xterminal (gnome-terminal will work); remember that you must hit the "Enter" key after you type in (or copy-and-paste) each command...

        change directory to where ever you saved the above script:

        cd /path/to/script/

        So... if you saved it on your desktop you would type:

        cd Desktop/

        then type in the following:

        chmod +x lxp-setup-02-1b

        That ensures that the script can be executed. Next, run it as root (note the 'dot' 'slash' before the script name, they *must* be present):

        sudo ./lxp-setup-02-1b

        it'll ask you some questions, answer y or n and in a few moments it will download and install the necessary bits. If it should stop and tell you that you're missing some package, no problem, just install that package AND the matching 'devel' package by searching for it with Synaptic (the package manager). Then re-run the script as above.

        It sounds a little hard to a newbie but it's really quite painless and, I think, well worth it in the end. If you run into any more problems or don't quite understand something just ask and I'll be more than happy to assist you or explain something in more detail.

        Hope that helps!


    • James Marsh

      James Marsh - 2009-01-06


      Thanks for your explanation. When I installed LXP, it changed my normal panel to the original Ubuntu panel, complete with multiple desktops (which Mint removes for default). I was not able to edit what was on the panel or not (normally I could right click on it and remove it). After some tweaking, I was able to get the normal WinXP look, color and shape of the panel, as well as wallpaper, but the feel was totally off, especially by not being able to edit what was on my panel. I honestly was surprised that it didn't come up with the WinXP panel and proper wallpaper by itself -- that I had to make it do that.

      As of right now, I have removed LXP from my system, just because I couldn't get it to work right, but I am open to revisiting it again, if you have any thoughts.

      Thanks again!

    • Myles Green

      Myles Green - 2009-01-08

      I see... you do know that Lool XP is NOT a theme for GNOME right? You do know that when you login to your Linux installation you have to select the look XP session either before you enter your user name or after you enter your user name but before you enter your password right? Now, the default theme for Look XP is, for some reason, the Human theme so yes it looks like an Ubuntu desktop. To change it you need to access the menu by clicking on that ubuntu icon on the taskbar or by right-clicking with your mouse anywhere on the desktop. Just above the logout submenu at the bottom is a settings submenu containing 2 more submenus: Focus and Themes. Go to the Themes submenu and you'll be able to select which ever them you like; you should see several XP themes plus a Vista-like theme and the Human theme. Pick whichever one you want. On the Sourceforge Project page it states quite clearly that Look XP depends on several bits of software in order to function correctly and if you used the install script as I suggested it would have asked you if you wanted these installed. If you chose not to install them then you can not expect things to work as expected. As I stated before I am NOT the creator of this project, my only contribution is a few suggestions to the creator, testing the setup and helping on these forums. As far as I know there will be no more development on this project, what you see is what you get. You need to make yourself familiar with IceWM because this project is based on IceWM. The desktop wallpaper and icons application is iDesk, the file manager is a slightly modified version of Xfe. LookXP itself is comprised of several things: firstly is a new style engine for Icewm, secondly is a set of themes for Icewm, thirdly is a set of scripts used to generate menus and perform different functions and lastly is the needed "helper" applications like idesk, Xfe and the others. It can also make use of nautilus, rox-filer, xfdesktop and others if you don't like idesk. Changing things like what appears on the taskbar, the number of desktops plus a number of configuration options are all controled by configuration files contained in your Home directory; for example say my username is "mylesg", the config files would be located under /home/mylesg/.lxp-icewm/ and if there is nothing there (everything should be there once you login) just copy /usr/share/lxp-icewm/* (or /usr/local/share/lxp-icewm/*) to /home/<username>/.lxp-icewm/

      Please have a look through the answers to other questions in this forum as most of this has been answered once or twice already.


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