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    • dissel

      dissel - 2006-12-25

      I am little newbie in Linux.
      I just came to know about this program in a tech-forurm and came here and download for my Ubuntu 6.10.
      I download the latest fox_1.4.9-1_i386.deb package from the download section and install it in my Ubuntu....The installation is sucessfull...there is no error, but i can't found the program where to start.
      Please any will like to show me the way how to find the program or add the entry in the start menu...or so.

      I am eagerly waiting for it.

      • Vorik

        Vorik - 2006-12-25

        It's been a few weeks, so I could be wrong here:

        When you reboot into gdm or kdm (logonscreen), you can select the session LookXP (or something)


    • BLTicklemonster

      BLTicklemonster - 2007-12-12

      I must be totally missing something here. I installed the newest deb, the one with gnome and icewm and xfe in the name, and there's nothing in my sessions. I thought I was loading a theme for icewm, lol, but am looking forward to trying out this new .. window manager .. desktop environment? So what all do I really need to have, and where do I get it?

      Thank you.

      • Myles Green

        Myles Green - 2007-12-12

        Just for the record, LXP is more than just a theme, it's a modified IceWM - sort of an off-shoot or fork of IceWM. You need to download the lxp_0.2-1d_i386.deb (or rpm) package which will set everything up for you.

        I hope that gets you going. Once you get logged in you'll see the default LXP theme which is an Ubuntu-ish theme (Human) there are WinXP themes (blue green and silver) and a Vista-like theme as well. On your first entry into the applications sub-menu you'll note that it takes (quite) a few seconds before opening, it will be faster after that initial use.

        Anyway, I hope you like LXP and if you have any more questions feel free to ask them here.


    • BLTicklemonster

      BLTicklemonster - 2007-12-13

      Excellent, thank you Myles. Now to get my menu set up.


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